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1 week ago

Alexa Smith of the Warrior Forum-The Self Delusion and Mystery

Alexa Smith/Timothy.

Nagley/Yuliya Miranova has never proven a scintilla of proof of good results.

Not a single iota.



Regardless of repeated claims of achievement for "developing numbers of skilled report marketers/syndicators" he has not provided a single screenshot of income/revenue.

Neither, for that matter, has Paul Uhl, Annie Pot, Dire Straits, Richard Van or any of the other fellow travelers.

And any person who has ever challenged Smith's ludicrous and unsubstantiated claims in the Warrior Forum has been banned from the forum.

Don't forget I told you that there has never ever been a scrap of proof of claimed accomplishment provided by Smith/Nagley and other individuals?

In truth there is loads of evidence of the opposite, the failure of syndication.

And if you get the time to read Sam Frost's internet site, wide and exclusively this post or blog posts-like-a-boss.html/ you will see the correct place.

You do not want to depend on one supply for your info though.

Check out out the Warrior Forum itself and spend the time to seek out out the threads the place other Warrior Forum members in the past resolved to stick to Smith/Nagley's tips about article syndication.

Then check out out what they are carrying out now, are they still following this approach, and how nicely they are doing now.

You will locate, as I did, that they all, to a guy and woman, soon abandoned the method website traffic tracker and saw it truly is futility and are now pursuing other methods such as pay out per click or video or no matter what.

The level it that regardless of Alexa Smith's oft repeated claim that an escalating variety of web marketers are locating success with syndication the opposite is the case.


Since it simply does not function.

Here are some factors why it isn't going to and can't work:

Any decent site or site is going to want to publish exclusive material, not some stuff that has been posted elsewhere very first

Even if a 2nd or 3rd rate internet site publishes your write-up exactly where is the site visitors to that website going to come from? From Google, that's where.

In reality, level 2 over exhibits the fundamental weakness in Smith's argument, namely that you can bypass Google dependence by report syndication. The actuality is that the site you get your things published on is almost specific to be dependent on ranking well in the search engines.

2 weeks ago

Jackpot or Mistake? Man Sues Over $1.6M 'Jackpot'

For about an hour final August, Gary Hoffman was a extremely fortunate man.

Hoffman was taking part in the nickel slot machines at the Sandia Resort and Casino on an Indian reservation in New Mexico when he appeared to hit the jackpot: the machine explained he won nearly $1.six million.

"I grew to become ecstatic," he explained.

But the ecstasy was short-lived. Hoffman says in a lawsuit filed earlier this year that Sandia refused to shell out, claiming that the machine malfunctioned. As an alternative, he stated, they gave him about $385 and a handful of cost-free meals at the casino.

"I won money, honest and square, and I've been cheated out of my winnings," Hoff

2 weeks ago

Trouble in an unused tunnel under New Orleans' Canal Street


3 weeks ago

Increase Web Traffic |

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What is World wide web Visitors?

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4 weeks ago

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4 weeks ago

Alexa Displays Ratings for Controversial Sites.

SAN FRANCISCO--(Business WIRE)--November three, 1997--

Foremost Articles Labeling and Choice Standards from RSACi and PICS Join Cost-free Online Navigation Support to Give Consumers Better Comprehending of Web sites Viewed

San Francisco-primarily based Alexa Web announced right now the integration of the RSACi ratings and the PICS specification into its toolbar, providing customers of the totally free Internet navigation services Alexa the capacity to make informed selections about site articles. The Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Net (RSACi) provides buyers with aim details with regards to Internet website articles. The Platform for Net Material Variety (PICS)

4 weeks ago

Home Business :: Make Money Online

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1 month ago

New documentary ‘Tricked’ illuminates disturbing human trafficking culture in the US

Modern-day slavery is very considerably alive proper here in our very own backyard, in accordance to a new attribute-length documentary, "Tricked." Embedded with the Denver Vice squad and combing through Las Vegas, directors John-Keith Wasson and Jane Wells deliver audiences appropriate into the frightening fold as 1000's of victims are trafficked all through the United States every single year to satisfy a $three billion-a-year market.

"I go through an write-up stating that 1000's of girls were getting imported to the Super Bowl to provide sexual solutions to male followers." Emmy-nominated filmmaker Jane Wells advised FOX411. "I was startled. I had worked on.

human rights troubles for many years, but I had no notion of the extent of human trafficking in this country."

"Tricked" sheds light on all facets of this disturbing traffic website indonesia trade -- featuring interviews with every person from law enforcement officers, mothers and fathers, and victims to the pimps who appear to see nothing wrong with their actions.

"The pimps had been so open in talking to us and had extremely minor worry of repercussion, which speaks to the crime and how 'normalized' it has grow to be in our society," Wells mentioned. "None of them could probably admit they were inflicting harm."

And even though the FBI did not record distinct figures concerning the organization, it notes that the industry these days is "a lot much more organized and violent" than it after was, and that traffickers typically use violence such as gang rape to force youths to perform for them and stay under their handle.

That is a sad actuality that one of the documentary topics, survivor Danielle Douglas, understands all as well well.

For the duration of her very first week of university, Douglas was invited to a party, exactly where she met a man who quickly grew to become her boyfriend. Then he violently abused her and forced her into prostitution for two years.

"The stories of survivors are profoundly disturbing. Each and every a single has a special story to tell of how they have been preyed upon," Wells explained. "Trafficking is happening all over the place, each and every night, across America."

The movie is a venture of 3 Generations, a nonprofit organization devoted to assisting survivors share their stories in buy to develop a means for the other people to understand from their harrowing experiences. But aside from merely raising awareness about the problem, Wells hopes the movie busts some antiquated myths surrounding the sex trade and paves the way for legislative adjustments.

"There are a lot of myths that are deeply and reflexively ingrained in well-known culture, like it is the world's oldest profession and boys will be boys. These myths do excellent harm to people who are forced into this industry," she said.

"They deflect our focus from the require for broad adjust. We want to alter the laws all around the complete sector. Police are too often nonetheless functioning on a method the place the younger female has committed a crime even if she is underneath coercion. These girls are the victims. They should not be criminalized."
1 month ago

Best Source Of Online Income (Part 1)

Best Source Of Online Income (Part 1)

This article reveal to you Best Source Of Online Income generate from online business.

Online business is good example of businesses which are highly automated and self run which operates 24/7 every day.

Successful online marketer can generate good incomes and attain your desire lifestyle.

The meaning of passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. Rental income, dividend is other form of passive income.

Unlike traditional business, is it much easier to generate multiple source of incomes by selling multiple products or services at the same time on a website.

Starting up a online business is cheaper than offline business such as opening a shop which needs to pay rental, utility bill, staff salary, etc. Running online business can be as cheap as U$100 per month.

In part 1 of this article, I will highlight some of the passive income can be generated from your online business.

1) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Basically your online business (affiliate markerter) help other product owner (vendor) looking for potential buyers for their product or service.

Upon successful sales, the vendor will reward and share certain percentage of revenue with affiliate marketer. email swipe and is some of the good website that affiliate marketers that can source for potential affiliate products to promote and make money.

2) Sell advertisement space

Your website or blogs can sell advertisement space to other online business owner to advertise their services and products to your visitors. When someone visits your website or blogs, the advertisers' advertisement will appear as banner advertisements or pop up advertisements.

When the visitors click on the advertisements, the advertisers will pay the online business advertisement cost.

The advertiser will pay website owners for every click of their advertisement by the visitors. This is commonly known as Pay.

Per Click.Advertisement fee Per Click charge to website owners differ depending on the traffic and popularity of your website.

Therefore, you can commend for higher click rate when your website is popular and attract massive traffic. Google adsense is one of the popular program that administrative this type of arrangement in return for a service fee bound by the advertiser.

Coming soon. In part 2 more write up for other type of passive income generated from your online business.

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